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big announcement…

With my kids getting older, and both being in school I am finding it harder and harder to find time to work. With baseball, soccer and camping I have had to turn down too many sessions this spring. I am going to be taking the next couple of months off to restructure my business. I have a small list of photographers who I have worked with and highly respect and will be more than happy to refer them to you. I want to thank all of my past clients over the past 4 years to trust me with your family portraits. It has been a fantastic experience meeting so many new people around the Pittsburgh area!



Somehow this kid turned FIVE this past Thursday. He wasn’t convinced that he was actually five, because apparently he wasn’t tall enough. I disagree! Now that we had a full weekend of celebrating, which included 4 of his cousins sleeping over (that will be a whole blog post on its own!), he will finally tell you that he is in fact five.

For the birthday treat, we made brownie cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting. Thanks to Pittsburgh’s own Emily Levenson for that recipe.

0306bl Viramune


heart day…

For a couple of weeks, I have had a Valentine’s Day shoot idea in my head swirling around. I never got around to do it. The kids didn’t even want to make their Valentine, so I know a photoshoot was out of the question. Maybe next year… :)

On Friday night we went to Right By Nature’s Friday Fest. I told the kids to get some clothes on, and they both came down the stairs all jazzed up. Of course I had to take a few photos of their creations, ha!

Today the hubster and I were able to enjoy a morning in the Strip District while the kids were in school. I came home to find a bouquet of daisies sitting at the front door. It was our tenth Valentine’s Day together, which just seems crazy. For dinner we purchased some heart raviolis from Whole Foods. How cute are they? The photo is a bit blah, as we ate by candle light..fancy! I hope your “heart” day was just as lovely!






Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!





lucky number seven..

On October 13, my little miss turned seven. she has been waiting for her birthday for months now, so it was a very exciting day for her. her school had a hike in frick park that day, so i was lucky enough to be able to spend most of the morning with her. :) both sets of grandparents came over that day to celebrate. she also had her first sleepover with school friends lastnight. it was a lot of fun, but we were all exhausted tonight!







missing the beach…

With the date being August 31, I feel like our summer is over. Our daughter started school last week and our son had his pre-kindergarten orientation this morning. He will be starting next week along with all of the other kids in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Our daughter wasn’t so happy that she had to start more than a week sooner than her brother, but I guess that is how it works with charter schools.

We had a great summer, besides it ending so quickly. There was camping trips (and hopefully we can fit a few more in!), baseball games, library visits (including the grand opening of the newly renovated East Liberty library), long visits to the park, sibling rivalry, eyeglasses for our son, ice cream trucks, sewing, thrift store shopping, visits to Vanilla and Dozen for cupcakes, canoeing at Cook Forest, kayaking at Lake Elizabeth, skateboarding in parking lots, swimming, naps, bike rides through our neighborhood, new tattoos, hiking in Frick Park, many picnics which usually included our own family baseball game and I am sure there is quite a few things I missed. I am sad to see summer go and the kids spending their days in school, but the cooler weather will be nice along with coffee shop visits with the mister.










and this pup joined us this year. she was well behaved the whole time, and did awesome for the full 13 hour car ride!


we also celebrated our birthdays and 8th wedding anniversary!

borrowed from johnny cash….”because you’re mine, i walk the line.”




goodbye pittsburgh, hello ocean…

tomorrow night, or very early friday morning (depends on how you look at it…) i will be leaving for a much needed beach get-a-way with these two crazy kiddos, and my great hubster who will be doing the 10 hour drive on his own. the dog also gets to join us this year! any orders that are placed while i am gone will be finished up after august 10.

sometimes my kids think they are cowboys…